Saturday, April 11, 2009

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"How To Make Handmade Paper"

ISBN Number : 0-9550272-4-1
Price : $9.99
Author : Lynda Cookson, South African-born artist and writer, based in the West of Ireland.
Length : 42 pages of clear instructions on how to make pulp, with not only one, but three methods of how to make paper. Includes photographic images interspersed throughout the book.

Who is this book for?

Anyone, from the ages of first-readers onwards.

It's for mum's who have children to entertain. Children and pre-schoolers from the age of three years old and upwards can learn how to make handmade paper. Kids love to make colourful pictures in their paper using the easy mould method ... for those too young to be able to draw well, they get a real kick out of making a picture of a bird, or a kite, or a sail boat, or a flower, in their sheet of paper. The shine of pride in their eyes is worth every moment!

It's for crafters whose fingers constantly twitch with the prospect of a new craft to master.


"Making handmade paper is quite likely the most economical and "green" creative activity you can enjoy in your home or art studio.

All materials used are recyclable and nothing is ever wasted. Even mistakes, or reject sheets made during the process, can be returned to the pulp vat to make another sheet.The pulp is made from recycled paper and/or fibrous plant materials; the decorative content in the paper is usually vegetable or other plant fibres; colourings used can be natural, if you choose; and the only equipment you need apart from general household items, is a wooden deckle and mould set.

What will you use your handmade paper for? Writing paper, envelopes, wrapping paper, boxes, paper to paint on, writing calligraphy, greeting cards, book covers, promotional correspondence, wedding invitations, anniversary and special occasion stationary, collages, and much more ….."




Index (what you will find in the book)

Items/Equipment you will need
How to make pulp
Types of paper to use
The process of making pulp
Storing excess pulp
What to use to dye or colour your pulp
What to use as decorative content in your paper
How to make paper
Method 1 : Creating a picture or watermark in your paper
Method 2 : The traditional way
Method 3 : Making mass produced paper for weddings and celebrations
How to press your paper
Sizing your paper

Author Bio
Lynda Cookson was born in South Africa in June 1954. Her writing career began while she was working for a newspaper in Kwa-Zulu Natal, and in 1987 she wrote a children’s Christmas play called “Suzie’s Letter to Santa”, which was produced locally.

Writing took a back seat when she started her own handmade papermaking business called “Paperways”, although she wrote and published “How To Make Handmade Paper” to form part of the papermaking kits her business manufactured. It was only after Lynda and her husband, Alan, immigrated to Connemara on the West Coast of Ireland in 2001, that she felt able to pick up her career as a writer.

In 2005 she began writing monthly artist profiles for the “Now” group of glossy magazines (Galway Now, Limerick Now and Cork Now), interviewing thirty-three artists a year. That same year she wrote “The eArt Directory”, a workbook assisting artists in promoting their work through the Internet, and curated and part-authored the “Art In The West” catalogue. The second edition of “The eArt Directory” has recently been published as an ebook, and many of her articles can be found in Irish magazines.

Lynda is also an artist and her paintings are updated regularly on her blog



Editing and Publishers
Chapman Loney and Cookson Publishers, Ireland